Current Client Testimonials


Joan Stevenson - mother

"We have had several providers prior to using  THH. My son has had top notch professionals here. Mary and her staff are highly reliable, accommodating,  and positive when working on specific goals. They  provide a good plan, going above and beyond to encourage accountability from my son.  Mary has a wealth of knowledge given her background and personal experience.  All I can say is she has truly been an angel for my son and he  would have not made the progress he has without her. He would enthusiastically agree with everything I have said. "

Augustina Garba - mother

"Mary started working with My daughter a little over a year ago. She has helped engage in functional activities to improve her muscle strength and continues to work on posture.  Mary has been such a positive influence on Maria and our family. She goes out of her way to look for equipment that will help in her daily care needs. She found a stander and transported it to our home and we still have it with us. She had her brother make special silverware that would make it easier for our daughter to eat and reduce the spills. Her experience  and professional skills as an Occupational Therapist has been invaluable although her services are not medical through THH. She keeps her focus on daily living skills and non-therapeutic approaches.  Thank you Mary for your service to individuals with disabilities." 

The Weyer Family

"We are truly thankful for the support and guidance we have received from the wonderful staff at The Haase House. Our daughter recently transitioned into independent living, and the services she receives from Mary, Laura and the rest of the staff are such an important part of her success. They provide a safe, caring environment for their clients to learn, grow, and achieve their full potential."



We specialize in working with young adults (ages 18-35) with disabilities.  We offer programming to those individuals still in school and can receive services after their regularly scheduled school day or on early releases or  days off of school. We will make exceptions to taking older clients if the group dynamics will not be affected.   There have been some barriers with mixing a wider range of clients simply due to differences in mobility, desire to work on goals and be instructed, and general interests in activities and conversations.  This is not always the case. We are here to provide supportive services with an emphasis on life-long learning and enrichment.  We would like to stress we are not an adult day care. 


Our trained staff has experience handling many different disabilities ranging from Down Syndrome to ADD to Autism, but not limited to these by any means.  We have some, but limited  training in dealing with aggressive behaviors and mental health diagnoses, but have experience with Non-violent crisis intervention and other strategies.  In our home setting we may actually see a decrease in behaviors due to the calm environment we provide and mental health issues are more easily managed.  In a small setting like THH, it is not always conducive to mix Mental Health clients with ID/DD populations together.  Our programming gears more toward developmental delays generally.  This does not mean we do not address mental health issues or work with the medical community when it is needed. Some participants have mental health issues along with their developmental disability.   


Due to the fact that our curriculum involves normal everyday shopping trips and outings outside the home, as well as many fun events, we require our participants to have the ability to be mobile - with our without adaptive equipment.  The participant needs to be able to keep up with the pace of the group, and we can accommodate in most situations for pace.  We must be able to transition from one place to another in order to stay on schedule so everyone gains fully from the experiences.  AT THH we have goals we try to infuse into each activity for each participant and these individuals and their families expect this provision of services from us. 


It is required for our  participants to have the ability to safely and effectively,  feed oneself independently or with verbal, visual or physical prompting provided such that it will not disrupt the flow and continuance of a community experience. Any concerns with swallowing, stuffing or eating disorders must be communicated fully and transparently with THH.  If you provide us input, then we are aware. If not, we are putting participants in unsafe situations, as well as staff. 

 Toileting issues can be a health and social concern, and therefore we require all participants to fully accept assistance with this function daily or ideally be completely independent in toileting.  


At this time we do not provide medical services. We provide medical support ONLY for the provision of first aid and CPR  or epi-pen use, as needed.   Participants are supported in taking their own medications that are needed while at THH.  We do not administer medications.  We will work with families on an individual basis to address other health issues that may need our attention.   

 Participants with mental health issues and/or those followed by psychologists, psychiatrists, or counselors must be managed properly with medications  and be able to regularly exhibit behaviors that do not negatively impact the emotional or physical well being of staff or other clients.  If we can be of support in behavior management without disrupting the flow of scheduling we will work with you.   


We do not have a specific level of cognitive functioning that is required to participate at THH. We think in terms of how possible it is for individuals to accept or understand simple instruction  (even with augmentative communication aides) and be guided toward assisting or independence in life tasks.  Transitioning from one activity to the next and staying with the group is vital to keep everyone experiencing and learning. Our participants must  be able to accept assistance and/or have the ability to deal with anxiety, stimulation, and general stress in a manner which can be addressed with sensory strategies, brief removal, time to communicate their needs, and be able to return to the group.   

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