Our staff comes with many years of experience in the fields of occupational therapy, special education, and adult services.   Our staff-to-client ratio rarely exceeds 1:3 and often times is less.  We hold great value in keeping these ratios low so we can provide training that is not a “one size fits all” approach, but rather customized to each individual's goals.  The staff-to-client ratio truly allows for the opportunity to "teach" at any given time with a personalized touch.  We believe our success has been built on carefully selecting a staff that brings the right level of experience and compassion for working with persons with disabilities.  


Owner, Program Director


Mary  Haase is an occupational therapist and has additional degrees and/or certifications in special education, transition and autism.  She has 30 years of experience working in many school districts and has advocated for families, as well as, her own son with autism, seizures and cognitive disabilities.  Her certifications include:  Transition Specialist, Autism Specialist.  Mary's passion to leave her full-time job and start a business back in 2017 stemmed from the limited specialized program options her son had growing up and as he entered adulthood.  Her main goal at THH is to help the many other families facing these same challenges.   She provides direct services to clients as well as and developing curriculum and programming, and managing the staff at THH.  She currently is the local family coordinator of a grant through the WI Persons with Developmental Disabilities Board. 

Program Manager


 Laura Huelsman  has over 19 years of experience working with

the special needs population. She has her degree in special education with an emphasis in Cognitive Disabilities, is a licensed Special Education Teacher, and has taught in both the Waterford and Burlington School Districts. In addition, Laura has worked as an In-Home Behavioral Therapist, Daily Living Skills Provider and Job Coach supporting children, teens and adults with special needs. Laura provides direct services to our clients and creates and delivers curriculum directly related to each clients goals and needs. Laura is passionate about enriching the lives of teens and adults with special needs. 


JODIE JACOMET Program Assistant


 Jodie Jacomet, provides direct services and comes with 23 years of teaching experience. She has B.A. in Secondary Education/ Speech Communications/ Theater, a M.A. degree in Special Education, is certified in At-Risk Education as well as trained in a specialized phonetic reading program. Jodie is a collaborative member of the staff at The Haase House and brings a great deal of  passion for working with and teaching persons with disabilities. She loves to see the light of learning turn on brightly as clients recognize a new concept or make connections with life.  She has an extremely strong commitment to family and her commitment to the participants as THH also feel this love!

SARA VOGEL Program Assistant


Sara Vogel comes to us with a pre-social work undergraduate degree, and is pursuing a degree in Social Work at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.  She has been involved in coaching Special Olympics Basketball and Softball for 6 years, and is Class A and B certified.  Sara has over 7 years of volunteer time with the Adaptive Sportsman.  Sara has an older sibling with Special Needs which provides much compassion and life experiences that make her a great fit on our staff at THH.  Her family is very involved in her community and it shows in her daily work at THH. She certainly can brighten up a room with her fun side!

COREY PAPE Program Assistant


 Corey Pape  has experience working with people of all ages with disabilities through his mothers non-profit therapeutic riding center Willow Creek Ranch. He has been helping in an informal role as a volunteer over the past 13 years. He is a social worker by day and loves to spend his free time outside of the office helping, engaging, and interacting with people. He really enjoys learning new things and spreading joy from his own passions in woodworking, mechanics, hiking, fishing, biking, swimming, and pretty much anything that can be done outdoors!  He loves balancing that time outside with fun things to do inside like watching movies or playing games. 

MAKAYLA COLEMAN Program Assistant


Makayla Coleman has worked in a daycare setting for 6 years and was working as a lead infant each for 2.  She is certified as a lead teacher throughout WI.  She has her infant and toddler certifications in Shaken Baby Prevention and SIDS, CPR, and First Aid AED.  She has been eager to build relationships with clients since she is close in age to some of them and was a Best Buddy and peer of theirs in high school.  She was active in Best Buddies, Band, Tri-M (honors music), and Key Club.  She has a passion for dogs and helped us find a place to socialize with rescued dogs at a local dog rescue. 

KATIE RUCKA Program Assistant


Katie Rucka, provides direct services and volunteers during the school year. She has a degree in Special Education and has been teaching for 5 years. She is trained in Social Thinking and teaches Social Inquiry at the high school level. Katie is passionate about forming relationships with clients and including social concepts in real life situations. 


Business Ops/Marketing Manager


 Jeanne brings over 25+ years of business and marketing experience to THH from her various sales, sales management, training, and business development roles in both large corporations to small family-owned business.  Her experiences at Frito Lay, MillerCoors, Avery Dennison, and The Star Group prepared Jeanne for her role to efficiently manage the day-to-day business operations  at THH and to set the right marketing strategy to expand and grow the families we serve in southeastern Wisconsin. 

JUDI WEYER Bookkeeper


Judi lives in Mukwonago with her husband and two crazy dogs. She enjoys spending time with my family, gardening and various crafty things. I have 40 years of experience in bookkeeping.  I am active in our community with the Tim Tebow Night to Shine, Special Olympics and was part of a family-led grant to help build options and plan for the futures of our young adults with disabilities. I believe strongly in self-determination!



The Haase House is very thankful for the many volunteers who graciously give their time to help keep our business running smoothly and ensure we have a clean, happy environment for our participants.  We have had families, personal friends,  college students, and adult and youth church groups volunteer their time to make our home a better place. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to volunteer your time with us.  There are so many little opportunities in which you can help and these little tasks are big gifts to us. 


DEB JEROME Summer Program Assistant


Deb Jerome is an Occupational Therapist with xxx years of experience.  Deb works at THH in the summer, helping to provide Home Visit services for our clients. 

DANA EHARDT Summer Program Assistant


Dana Ehardt is an Undergraduate from Carroll University and is Certified OT Graduate program currently.  Dana supports the Program Managers in all programming and special event activities.  She comes from a teaching family and this spills over into her time spent with clients.  We cannot wait for her to be an OT!

COLLEGE STUDENTS-Volunteers/Fieldwork


If you are a student in a field that serves persons with disabilities, Mary has had many fieldwork students and job shadows over the years. She is passionate about providing experiences and perspective to students in  help them determine their life path and vocation.  Please contact Mary at the phone/email listed below if you would like to discuss any options for fieldwork. volunteer hours or just a job shadow experience. 


We are always looking for passionate, caring people to join our staff to provide the best experience for our clients.   Experience working with persons with disabilities is a requirement for Program Managers/Assistants working directly with our clients.  We may be able to offer you a a position that would fit yor need for hours of employment. 

If your background, experience, or passion makes you want to make a difference with our Haase House Families, please give Mary a call to discuss if there are any open positions and where you may be able to help

Volunteers are always welcome!  

CONTACT MARY @ 262-501-2926  or email us @ haasehouse16@gmail.com